Medium Domestic & Commercial Solutions

The i-on30EX is a hybrid wired/wirefree alarm system intended for commercial or domestic use.

The control unit provides a range of connectors for outputs, communicators, and up to 10 zones.

The i-on30EX uses i-kp01 keypads. The keypads allow end users to set and unset the system, and the installer to configure the control unit. The keypads also contains integral proximity tag readers, allowing end users to control the system without having to remember access codes.

A range of wireless peripherals are available for operation with the wireless expanders. The range includes door contacts, passive infra red detector, smoke detector, external siren, 4 button remote control, and remote radio keypad.

This control unit is designed and approved to be used as part of a Security Grade 2 system.


The i-on30EXD version of the control unit contains a built-in ATS2 communicator, allowing it to comply with EN50131 at Security Grade 2.

The i-on30EX also provides sockets for an add-on communication module. The available modules are:

i-dig02. A PSTN digital communicator

i-sd-02. PSTN speech dialler and digital

i-gsm02. GSM speech, SMS and digital

8750. Chiron IP communicator

8844. Chiron GPRS communicator

Level Setting or Partitioned System

The i-on30EX offers two basic ways of behaving as an alarm system:

In Part Setting system the i-on30EX can set in one of four ways: either Full set or three varieties of Part Set.

In a Partitioned system the i-on30EX provides the equivalent of 4, smaller, independent alarm systems. Each system is a "Partition" of the i-on30EX. You can allocate any zone to each Partition. Each zone can also belong to more than one Partition. Each Partition can have a Full Set level and one Part Set level. During installation we can allocate keypads, sounders or outputs to any of the partitions.